Secretly or Visibly, Just Do Good

For every single person who makes you doubt the world’s future, there’re at least two dedicated to doing good. They’ve made a choice to invest their time and efforts for the sake of mankind, the wild world, nature, or the place where they live. At least that’s what we’ve come to think over the past three years since Holiday Heroes exists.

Last year’s „Hidden Good“ Sofia Municipality initiative left us wondering why most people who do charity work hate to go bragging about it.

For many, charitable initiatives are nothing out of the way. To them they are more like a way of life. Though people who make you question humanity will always find a way to downplay any charitable endeavor, we should nurture all humanistic effort, and encourage visibility.


If the media had chosen to soft-pedal the story of old grandpa Dobri who’s donated 70, 000 leva to Bulgarian churches, your penny in his unobtrusive alms pot in front of Sofia’s Alexander Nevski cathedral would have been just that—a penny—and not an act of support for the sincere mission of a great yet humble person.

Visible good is an encouraging reminder there’s no need to hush up or be shy about what you believe in—your perceptions, ideas and philosophy of life, especially if they benefit the rest of the world.

If it wasn’t for the hundreds of testimonials by Holiday Heroes’ volunteers, and the input by others creating a buzz and supporting us on Facebook, we’d never have been able to get that many followers. So here’s a challenge—whenever you come across anything good, get the word out, go for it, and make it part of your life.

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