Kalin Vrachanski gives a personal example on how to do more

Kalin Vrachanski is another celebrity giving an enthusiastic personal example on how to do more, and more often, for people in need who live and work among us.


We are all actors on the stage of life. To some of us good ideas and ideals are just words. Others, however, are determined to show ‘Love in action’ and are eager to get to work as soon as possible in order to do so.


On Easter Eve a team of volunteers, among whom more than 50 celebrities, will deliver in person the holiday packages to the homes of more than 1, 000 destitute families.


We invite Bulgarian producers and other representatives of the business sector to take part by providing donations, so that we can ensure a bright holiday celebration to people in need!


If you’d like to enrol as a volunteer and help with the packing and delivery of foodstuffs, contact us here or call our hot line: + 359 885 885 555

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