A letter in Support of the Initiative by Women’s International Club in Sofia

International Women’s Club of Sofia

Since 1989

To the attention of the Bulgarian Donors’ Forum



The charity foundation at the International Women’s’ Club – Sofia supports the Holiday Heroes 2013 charity initiative.


At the end of April, literally days before the coming of one of the most saintly holidays in the Christian calendar – Easter, we were contacted by representatives of the organisation who wanted to donate holiday boxes with foodstuffs which we were to give to our beneficiaries – low-income families and disabled people. Thanks to this donation we managed to make this holiday an unforgettable experience for scores of families in need. The organisation’s gesture is highly appreciated. As a follow-up we received many letters in which people told us how grateful they were for the donations. The phrases they mentioned the most were “hope regained”, “belief” and the small miracles in the lives of these suffering people.


Personally and from the entire organisation I represent, I would like to express our full support for your kind initiative that will bring the Christmas spirit to this part of the Bulgarian population, which is unable to (because of financial or health-related issues) set apart funds to spend this holiday in the way they should be.


Let’s show our support for the Holiday Heroes 2013 charity cause and give the scores of Bulgarians the chance of having real holiday meals on their tables for Christmas.



Maria Ilieva,

Chairman of the Charity Foundation at the International Women’s Club – Sofia



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