METRO is our new partner!

Our new partner is METRO. The company will make big reduction in the prices of the products. Moreover, they will deliver the products in our storehouse where the volunteers will start packaging and delivering the boxes to the families in need.

We have added a real holiday round loaf and soft drinks to the menu.

Here is the status of the offer made by METRO:

№ 96
Date: 6.12.2012 г.

102084 153 gr. Chocolate boxes Figaro
48947 750 gr. Christmas Stollen KUCHENMEISTER
97874 1 kg Cheese “from Grandmother”
99635 Cow Cheese Karlovsko
204726 160 gr.  Flat Sausage Mountain Bonny
195401 150 gr. Raw-dried Sausage Balkan Bonny
215814 4 kg Frozen turkey
180506 500 gr.. ARO Nuts
78052 250 gr. Salt biscuits “MAXI MIX”
205625 Boneless pork shoulder 4D
133299 Bananas, import
133991 700 gr. Black olives “Orient”
213252 400gr.  Tomato paste Purvomai BDS 5+1
215461 Happy New Year Card К5
214562 Christmas candle 7cm
180132 250 gr.  Butter Doiche THURINGEN 82%
148109 Oranges 2-3, import
133382 Clementines, Greece
216311 250 gr. stewed dried fruit
113307 500 gr. coctail dried fruits

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