Milena and Galina Mihaylova Brighten Up the Holidays of Destitute Families

The host of radio show Threesome at the Break of Dawn and Miss World Bulgaria 2016 deliver holiday boxes to families in need in Sofia

April 1st, 2018 – Orthodox Christians are celebrating Palm Sunday and the Catholic world is welcoming Easter. Meanwhile, the Holiday Heroes are busy packing holiday boxes for families in need at K&M’s warehouse. They’ve gathered at the assembly line since early morning to prepare packages chock-full of staple foods – flour, cooking oil, legumes, canned products, pasta, confectionery, phyllo-dough sheets for Bulgarian banitsa, Easter bread and non-alcoholic drinks. While a group of untiring volunteers are happily toiling at the warehouse, the rest are driving far and wide across the country to carry with their own cars the ready boxes to needy families.

Among the volunteers who distributed holiday boxes today were Milena Zlatkova, host of the most popular morning radio show Threesome at the Break of Dawn (Troika na Razsamvane), accompanied by the stunning Miss World Bulgaria 2016 Galina Mihaylova. On this holy Sunday they visited several homes in need of a helping hand in Sofia. One of the families was Penka’s. Penka is raising alone her 8-year-old son and has been unemployed for a long time to care for him. This is the second campaign in a row when Galina has delivered a holiday box to the family. This time there’s good news though: Penka has hope that her situation is about to improve. So much, that she even thinks she’ll be able to take part in Holiday Heroes’ next drive… on the helping side. “Sometimes you find yourself in a situation where you need help. This happened to us too, but I think in the Christmas campaign we’ll be able to take part on the giving side”, Penka says, beaming and hopeful. “I believe we’ll be in the warehouse then, volunteering, assembling boxes”.

“It’s really nice when somebody who has been on the receiving side is able to change their place and start giving”, explains Milena. “In our campaign More Kids for Bulgaria we also had such a happy transformation. A couple won a free in vitro fertilization procedure and are now the fortunate parents of adorable Maya. Before she came into the world, however, the couple had tried for a baby several times with no success. After little Maya was born, her parents already had the means to donate to help other people feel the joy of becoming parents”.

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