Mission Forest Grows 650 Young Lives

Four socially responsible companies joined the drive initiated by CargoPlanet, EcoObshtnost (EcoCommunity) Foundation and the Holiday Heroes

Employees of four socially responsible businesses and volunteers planted a total of 450 young Scotch pine trees and 200 saplings of live oak on Sunday, April 15th. That was the outcome of an unparalleled event which brought together the CargoPlanet hauler, the EcoCommunity foundation and the Holiday Heroes, for the sake of Bulgaria’s magnificent nature. Our goal was the afforestation of an area damaged by engraver beetles, located up the village of Kokalyane near Sofia.

The spot of withered pines had been thoroughly logged to isolate it from the rest of healthy forest. Before they got down to planting the trees, the volunteers had to clear away from the surface any remaining large branches. Next, they prepared the ground and dug holes to plant the young trees in. Even though it was hard work, all those people with good hearts felt no weariness. Their strength was at least partly sustained thanks to the refreshing drinks (yogurt and iced tea) supplied by Lactima Balkan and the tasty treats of Roger’s chips and crispy Hyper wafers from Prestige-96.

As usual, fun and competition went together in perfect harmony. All the teams enjoyed the ‘eco battle’, while officials from the Forest Agency of Sofia supervised the planting process to ensure quality. The winning team was that of CargoPlanet, followed by KPMG who also proved to be the most sportsmanlike crew. The third place was for Ecobulpack, but not in terms of quality, because they ranked first in that category. The winner for most active participation was the most widely represented company at the event, Mеrck Bulgaria, which had not one, but two participating teams. One fun award was that for the most cheerful and united squad, and it went to the team representing the Holiday Heroes. It included volunteers and one of the most devoted goodwill ambassadors of our cause – radio Vitosha’s host Milena Zlatkova from the favorite radio show Threesome at the Break of Dawn (Troika na Razsamvane). The amusing and extremely nature friendly contest was followed by a well-deserved rest for all participants, who had a nice picnic in the nearby meadows with yummy sandwiches provided by Domino’s Pizza, while taking in the amazing view over the city.

Mission forest had three goals – to help preserve nature, to encourage people to get out of the office for a breath of fresh air, and to raise funds for charity. The proceeds from competition entry fees for this event will be divided to support the causes of EcoCommunity and Holiday Heroes. The Holiday Heroes will use the money to buy food for the Christmas holiday boxes, while EcoCommunity will support action for the protection of griffon vultures in the mountain near Vratsa.

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