Mission ‘Safety’ Backs Up the Holiday Heroes

Vasilevi’s Driving School organize the first of its kind road safety contest for companies, which besides its educational and practical aspects has also a mission: to ensure support for Holiday Heroes’ goal.

The ‘speedy’ and noble competition goes under the name Mission ‘Safety’ and will take place on October 14th and 15th. The event’s two-day program will help bring closer and improve the knowledge of participating teams of employees engaged in transport operations. The first day is planned as a theoretical one, while the second will be dedicated to the actual competitive part.

The theoretical component will include lectures on road safety and the latest amendments to the Road Traffic Act. The competitive part will have theoretical and practical elements. The teams will have to first demonstrate their theoretical knowledge, and then proceed with their practical competence.

Mission ‘Safety’ is not just another team-building event. It is a fun way to freshen up the knowledge of employees working in the transport departments of large corporate structures.

All participants will learn what’s new and make a recap of traffic rules that may have been forgotten, while helping disadvantaged Bulgarian families. Wonder how? 20% of the contest entry fee for each team will be donated to Holiday Heroes’ Christmas 2017 drive.

Got your interest with Mission ‘Safety’?  Find out more here.

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