More charity sports events ahead!


You remember our “Sports with a Mission” series, right? Even if you have forgotten about it we’ve been cooking at least four more reasons to remind you about that. All sports events, all involving the socially-responsible business of Bulgaria and all in support of our upcoming charity campaign – Christmas 2015.

We’re starting with a golf tournament. Our hosts are “St. Sofia Golf Club” and the event itself will be divided in several phases. First all participants will be trained by a pro-instructor, then they’ll join a mini tournament and finally, in September there’ll be a huge competition.

After that we’re going back to beach volleyball – the very sport that kick-started our event series.

We surely won’t skip football. In our previous tournament there were 21 socially responsible companies competing (and a team formed of local celebs and Holiday Heroes ambassadors). We’re pretty sure we can beat that record, can’t we!

The last event is an experiment for us. On November 7th we are throwing a laser tag arena tournament in Bulgaria Mall. We’re super curious about this thing!

More information really soon. Keep an eye!

If you want to sign up for any of those events drop us a line on:

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