Never Lose the Good!

The best part in newscasts are those occasional five minutes set aside for the stories of common people who’ve made philanthropy a way of life. Sadly, these sparks of humanity seem to quickly vanish, simply because we tend to forget and continue our ride on the never-ending wave of bad news. But we shouldn’t.

visqshto-kafe - Copy

A couple of years ago Bulgaria saw the launch of the Suspended Coffee initiative. Anyone could pay in advance a standby cup of coffee ready for someone who cannot afford it. The idea was embraced by stores, restaurants and cafés, but it looks like now it’s gone up in smoke. There still is a Facebook group about this initiative, and an online list of various points of sale across Bulgaria that’ve joined the campaign, but does anyone avail of all this?

Maybe people are just ashamed to admit they have nothing. Maybe we’re all ashamed to reach out a begging hand. But we shouldn’t.


Exactly a year ago several students took the streets of Sofia to provide treats for the homeless. Hot meals and drinks—these are basics which for many Bulgarians are still a luxury. What strikes us though is the message they sent out—Pass It On. If we trust their YouTube channel, the initiative is still alive and kicking.

servitiori-za-bezdomni - Copy

Two weeks ago we learned there’s also Waiters for the Homeless, started by Georgi Simeonov and Bozhidar Kalchev. What they do is put on waiters’ apparel and bring food to people in Sofia living in the street. Let’s just hope their noble mission will continue and many more will follow suit.

There’re good people everywhere. Join a cause or come up with your own, it doesn’t really matter. Just never lose the good in you!

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