Philanthropy Door-To-Door

Charities that reach beneficiaries directly are a rising trend worldwide, especially in developed countries like the USA. What’s different about this approach? First, it’s transparent and allows you to track all the way the destination of collected money and food (just like Holiday Heroes does). Also, door-to-door charity lets you… see the truth.

It takes pushing past your comfort zone and stepping into the unheated, yet tidy home of a lonely retired person or the crammed little room of a single mother and her three children to realize the truth about where you live.


Sometimes the people we visit agree to get on camera. Sometimes the tears in their eyes seem to swell up in the eyes of our volunteers. But it’s not what counts the most.

In fact, charity is what empowers us to change the lives of the needy, the country we live in, and overcome indifference—ultimately, change who we are. Simple acts of kindness among people are neither a thing to be taught, nor an extravagant idea or an example of exceptional courage.

Simply, those more lucky in life should build a bridge of good works reaching the homes of people struggling to survive every single minute, every single day.

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