Philanthropy Trends in Bulgaria and Worldwide

For the eighth consecutive year the Bulgarian Donors’ Forum (BDF) undertakes to analyse and present the trends in donations and the level of corporate social responsibility in Bulgaria. The analysis of BDF showed that the total amount donated by Bulgarian companies and individual donors in 2013 amounts to BGN 105,565,698. This is a decline of about 22% compared to the amount of donations for the previous year.

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Trends in Donations by Companies


A number of socially responsible companies continue to support certain causes, albeit with reduced funding. During the previous year, for example, 84 companies pursuing policies of social concern joined BDF. They supported 260 charitable organisations and 15,459 people in need, and donated a total amount of food for the year equal to 260 tons.


It turns out that some of the main reasons companies donate are to maintain good reputation, receive tax relief and be of help.


Trends in Donations by Foundations


There is a 29% drop in donations from foreign foundations. Some of the most prominent foreign donors in Bulgaria include America for BulgariaCharles Stewart Mott, and Velux. The total amount of their donations for the year exceeds BGN 33 million.


A new trend in philanthropy is noticed in 2013, namely the use of innovative methods to raise funds. These include for example the so-called ‘Donor Circles’ which unite individual donors to support social causes following the model of the British association The Funding Network.


In Bulgaria, similar donor circles are organised by the Workshop for Civic Initiatives Foundation which during the previous year raised BGN 133,407 from 419 individual donors for 42 initiatives.


Another innovative donation model is the newly created website – just two months after its launch it supported 10 causes with BGN 15,000.


Methods and Trends in Donations by Individuals


An increase of 17% in donations by individual donors is observed in 2013, compared to 2012, with a total amount donated of BGN 5,841,072.


The most popular method of supporting a cause in Bulgaria is the SMS, with the most common individual donations ranging between BGN 1 and 5. It turns out that people prefer to donate to social and health initiatives, while projects related to ecology and sport are among the most neglected ones. The common motive of all donors is mostly the desire to see the results of their help.


Philanthropy in Bulgaria and Worldwide


The percentage of individual donations compared to the total amount of donations in Bulgaria is relatively low – 5.5%. In comparison, in the United States it is 72%, while in the United Kingdom it is around 60%.


In Bulgaria, 2013 saw an increase of about 1.5%, compared to 2012, but this is not enough if we want to develop high levels of social responsibility.


The full text of BDF’s analysis is available here.


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