Popular Bulgarian TV Hosts Are This Christmas’ Holiday Heroes

The hosts of TV show Zhiva Vrazka (Live Connection) on BiT pitched in the packing and delivery drive of Holiday Heroes on its third day. Both TV stars—Christina Vladimirova and Dimitar Dimitrov, joined the volunteers working hard to bring a merry Christmas with enough delicious food on the tables of families in need. All Santa’s helpers put in each holiday box the most essential for a proper celebration, e.g. flour, legumes, soft drinks, chocolate, meat and dairy products—and a toy for every little boy or girl in the families we are supporting this Christmas. After they had finished packing, the two TV celebs got down to delivery. One person they made happy by showing at their doorstep with a give-away box full of food was Nikolina – a retired woman struggling on a measly pension.

Over the first three days of the final distribution process Holiday Heroes volunteers toiling at K&M’s warehouse prepped and sent out more than 4,000 holiday boxes to the homes of needy families across Bulgaria. Holiday boxes’ packing and delivery will continue until December 20th including. All completed boxes are instantly taken by other volunteers for distribution throughout Bulgaria. Thanks to Aladin Foods, all volunteers had a lip-smacking lunch to keep them packing, wide smiles on their faces.

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