Reality TV celebrities Yani, Francesca and Ivona Stack Food for Families in Need

Reality TV Show The Farm Winner, joined by some of the most charismatic of female participants in the show gathered over 60 boxes of food to back up Holiday Heroes’ Easter drive

All reality TV stars from the third edition of The Farm, named A Fresh Start got a stardom status also in the Choose, Buy, Donate Holiday Heroes’ campaign this Easter. The big winner Yani, Francesca, the Italian with Bulgarian roots and Ivona dedicated their weekend time to the food drive.

The three farmers pitched into the Choose, Buy, Donate drive which is taking place for the third consecutive year at the Kaufland hypermarkets in support of the Holiday Heroes. All Saturday and Sunday they were raising food donations to be packed into this Easter’s holiday boxes for 5,000 families nationwide. Like all our devoted volunteers, the celebrities spent half of those days promoting the drive and charity among hundreds of customers and accepting their generous donations. For two days Yani, Francesca and Ivona collected seven carts chock-full of food, which is enough to fill 60. They will make part of the total number of holiday boxes full of joy for disadvantaged families across Bulgaria at Easter time. The assembly of the boxes will be livestreamed on March 31st and April 1st on Holiday Heroes’ official Facebook page.

Choose, Buy, Donate continues until march 28th. You can take part too, just donate or volunteer, find out more at

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