Rival Companies Rubbed Elbows in Our Football Tournament

On October 11–12 we once again proved true the maxim that to do sports is fun, to help others is joy, and to be a hero is a true source of inspiration!


On these days we had our second Holiday Heroes charity tournament for socially responsible companies in a sequence of sports events we organize under the motto “Sport with a Cause”.


21 businesses backed up our mission: UniCredit Bulbank, Paribas Bank, Smart Communications, Max, Great Wall, HP, Kammarton, Nik, ASIC Depot, Vivacom, Unimasters Logistics, Cibank, Mtel, Bella Bulgaria, Netinfo Company, Pepsi, Generali, Red Devil Catering, Musagenitsa Sport, Carlsberg, and Advanced Nutrients. Some of these companies are in fact rivals in their respective industries.


We can’t help but brag about having teams from two banks—CiBank and Unicredit Bulbank, and two telecoms—Mtel and Vivacom, on Musagenitsa Sport’s football ground.


Bulgarian football superstar Angel Stankov, a.k.a “Gele”was Unicredit Bulbank’s team mentor. The former striker, who used to play for the football squad of Levski (Sofia) from 1977 to1981,demonstrated his staggering sports talents on the field, howeverCiBank were the ones to take the upper hand in this heated race for the trophy. That’s how Unicredit’steam landed in third place in our football battle.


Mobile network operators Mtel andVivacom tested their strength in the quarter-finals qualification, Vivacom winning a 2–0 victory over Mtel after the second half.


Besides for the well-deserved champion cup, they also stood out as the team who didn’t let their opponents score a single goal against them.


Vivacom received their champions’ cup and gold medals personally from the football legend Dimitar Penev! CiBank were awarded the silver by the all-time favorite Bulgarian goalkeeper Plamen Nikolov, a.k.a “Pinko”, while national football team member Hristo Yanev handed out the bronze to Unicredit.


You can see photos of the socially responsible companies’ teams here. If you want a first-hand experience of the game like the one we had, take a look at the special video reports from the event.


All funds raised in participation fees will be used to supply 5, 000 needy families with mouthwatering food this Christmas.

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