Engage in #DonateLunch, an online marketing company based in Varna, Bulgaria, joined the ranks of Holiday Heroes and donated 185 leva to our cause as part of the #DonateLunch drive. The creative and charming team of the company did more than just raise and give away a sum of money for holiday boxes; they made this workplace effort a genuinely inspirational experience.
To involve all our teammates and make a contribution in line with the overall spirit of this drive, some of us decided to cook meals at home, which we then sold to our coworkers for charity.
We had a rich menu, 100% homemade, including 2 different salads, Bulgarian banitsa, moussaka, hummus, bread, chicken with cheese, and cookies. We were all so committed to this idea, it created incredible office vibes!“, explained Vanya Marinova, Marketing Specialist in the company. is a small business, albeit with a big heart, offering design, development, beta testing and optimization of software, web and mobile applications. The Shtrak team are specially versed in creating innovative solutions which help entrepreneurs from Bulgaria and across the world manage their businesses more efficiently.

Our drive, #DonateLunch (#ДариОбяд) is for employees of small, mеdium and large businesses. All you need to do to join is donate your usual lunch money, take a selfie and post it on Facebook hashtagged #DonateLunch. You can donate the cash you’ve raised using PayPal, or a simple bank transfer. For more details on how to make a donation, click here.
All funds brought in by this Holiday Heroes’ initiative will be used to buy foodstuffs for holiday boxes to help thousands of families in need have a real Easter celebration.

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