Singers Aneliya and Veselin Marinov Are The New Ambassadors of The Cause

Our campaign is winning the sympathy of more and more Bulgarian celebrities since some of them are turning into our “holiday heroes”. Aneliya and Veselin Marinov are the new names who have decided to take part in the fourth charity campaign for Easter.


This season, Holiday Heroes is aiming to help 5,000 Bulgarian families who are daily struggling with the poverty and the difficult living conditions. In order to raise the necessary funds and food, we need the help of every sympathizer of the idea. And our celebrity ambassadors have a huge contribution to the implementation of our mission.


Veselin Marinov has joined the initiative for the first time when he took part in our upcoming promotional video.


“The genuine hero is the one who loves and wants to help a person in need” shared with us the loud-voiced singer.


The singer Aneliya has also taken part in Holiday heroes by participating in our promotional video. Moreover, she promised to help us in the distribution of the holiday packages to the homes of the families in need during the days before Easter. “Let’s help 5000 Bulgarian families,” recommended the talented Aneliya.


The other names that have been supporting the campaign so far are Ruth Koleva, Bobo, Stephan A. Shtereff, Ice Cream and Santra. The actor Dean Donkov, the journalists Georgi Lyubenov and Asya Metodieva and the actress Joanna Temelkova have also joined in.


We cannot also miss mentioning you and for our world-famous “holiday hero” – the rap legend- Redman.


Holiday Heroes Easter 2014 has already started raising money via SMS with text DMS GEROI 17 777 and via bank transferring as well.


We are looking for volunteers who want to help in the organization for raising food and funds as well as in the final stage related to the packaging and the delivery of the holiday packages.


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