Sneak a peak behind the scenes of ‘Carry the Flame’

In early 2015 the R&B legend Blackstreet comes to Bulgaria for a show. While the band’s catching up in all going on in the country they happen to find out about Holiday Heroes and decide to back us up!

Eric Williams, Mark Middleton and Jerry Hanna decided to do it the best way the can – through music. They join a track that Symphonics are currently cooking for Bobo and Daniel Kajmakoski and so ‘Carry the Flame’ is born – the track is also featuring Vessy Boneva and is also our first international anthem. Wanna sneak a peak behind the scenes? Go for it:

The song will be premiered on April 4th in Sofia’s ‘Dali’ club as a part of the ‘Holiday Heroes 90s Tribute’ gig. Southwick will be Blackstreet’s live band and you’ll be able to see all other artists involved in the anthem.

Want to score a ticket, do it here.

Oh yes, see another making video here.

As well as exclusive behind-the-scenes photos:

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