Sport Fest/Holiday Heroes Culinary Spectacle

May 19tth in Burgas saw a top cooking performance at Burgas Sport Fest, brought by the Holiday Heroes and MasterChef. The incredible chefs Christiana, Stanislav, Nikolay and Mahmoud gave a cooking show in support of the Holiday Heroes’ mission. Their exquisite food was not just mouth-watering, but healthy too. Meals were sold for fundraising, and cashed in just BGN 560 for the forthcoming Christmas drive.

Christiana made an astonishing fruit salad with orange-juice caviar (yeah, you’ve got that right!) and chocolate avocado pudding. Nikolay stole the show with Italian cuisine, offering Sotelli cannelloni with red herring and saffron sprouts. Mahmoud’s specialty was Oriental rice, while Stanislav went for healthy chicken and salmon sandwiches.

The most loyal supporters of the four master cooks were Philips’ cooking gear. The absolute hit there was Airfryer – a device for health-friendly fat-free cooking. All the components of the gourmet menu were served on the luxury disposable tableware Be Best.

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