‘Against the News': The end of the world is near

The end of the world is near. At least according to the last series of the satirical weekend TV show ‘Sreshtu Novinite’ (The Opposite of News) on BNT1. At 7 p.m. this Saturday ‘anchors’ Kosyo Lungov and ‘Igrata’ will make plans and forecasts about 21 December 2012 just six days before the time comes to see for ourselves what the Maya had in mind with their calendar.

Psychologist Elenko Angelov, Lachezar Filipov from the Space Research and Technology Institute of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Kostadin Georgiev – Kalki and Drago Simeonov will be guests at the studio of ‘Sreshtu Novinite’, discussing why news of the world coming to an end keep popping up every other year and what will be the next official date of the end of the world.

This debate will cool down thanks to the Christmas spirit brought about by the other two special guests of the Saturday edition of ‘Sreshtu Novinite’ – Roro Kavaldzhiev and Bozhidara Bakalova. They will share some details about the Holiday Heroes charity campaign, and how people can help to make this Christmas brighter for Bulgarians in need.

Watch ‘Sreshtu Novinite’ every Saturday and Sunday at 19.00, only on BNT1!

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