Successful End of the Holiday Heroes Easter Campaign


All good things come to an end, and we are so happy to announce the end of the SUCCESSFUL Holiday Heroes Easter campaign!


We managed to achieve our goal in four days and brought happiness to 4,350 needy Bulgarians. All of them received boxes full of delicious food and beverages for a happier Easter. The Holiday Heroes delivered packages not only in the capital of Sofia, but in the towns of Plovdiv and Stara Zagora.

 Holiday Heroes

The beloved Bulgarian pop&folk singer Anelia also joined the campaign. On Monday and Thursday, she visited a family of retirees. The old man and woman were very happy to see her and to receive the charity box. Their Easter days will be brighter for sure this year.


The Holiday Heroes campaign is a real miracle for all the needy ones. That’s why we want to thank to all the people that helped us during the campaign. Dreams come true, when we are together!

 Holiday Heroes

Holiday Heroes

You can read our site or follow our Facebook page for more information about the upcoming events. 

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