Tedi Katsarova Brings Happiness to Families in Need

The talented performer joined the hundreds of volunteers who took part in the first day of packing and delivery of the Holiday Heroes’ boxes. Tedi Katsarova brought the Christmas miracle into the home of Mihaela—a 42-year old woman diagnosed with oligophrenia. Mihaela has this disease since childhood and is full-time cared for by her retired mother. Mihaela’s pension is BGN 142, and her mother’s – BGN 200. Mihaela’s brother lives with them and is the only working member of the family helping them to meet their daily needs.

This story is among the thousands of grave stories of suffering families that will once more receive help from Holiday Heroes this Christmas. Since early morning nearly fifty hardworking heroes have been packing and stacking boxes in the comfortable warehouses kindly provided by K&M absolutely free of charge. Each box contains the most needed foods for the holidays, e.g. flour, legumes, soft drinks, chocolate, meat and dairy products—and a toy for the little ones.

The finished boxes are instantly taken by other volunteers for distribution throughout Bulgaria. 2,000 holiday boxes were prepared and shipped just on the first day of packing! Thanks to Foodpanda all volunteers had a yummy pizza for lunch to keep them packing, wide smiles on their faces.

Holiday boxes’ packing and delivery continues until Tuesday, December 20th. The whole process in the logistics center is broadcast live on Holiday Heroes’ Facebook page. Check out what happened on the first day here: http://bit.ly/2hx6UNs

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