The Bulgarian Basketball Society—the Grand Streetball Victors

The champions received the winners’ cup and their prizes by Manuel Markov himself, who coaches both the Bulgarian national youth basketball team and the professional Levski Basketball Club. Magic Outdoor’s team came second, and received special prizes by Nova TV’s morning show host Deyan Veselinov. The bronze went to Visteon’s team, followed by Shönherr, Telenor and Advanced Nutrients. Canyon, STR8, Denim and Leocrema gave presents to the participants of the top three-ranked teams, while the kind hosts from Decathlon contributed shopping gift vouchers for the gold medalists.

One renowned guest at the event was Bulgarian coach and celebrity Titi Papazov. A total of six teams representing socially responsible companies took part in the first-ever Bulgarian streetball tournament for the business, under the headline Sport with a Mission. They played their favorite sport to help Holiday Heroes’ mission. The Bulgarian Basketball Society as our partner ensured a perfectly arranged and smoothly running event from a sports perspective, while partying was guaranteed by our friends from Florina (who provided free beverages) and Aladin Foods (who helped participants stay strong with a menu of their delicious döner kebab sandwiches). The Right Rental company for their part made sure all basketball fans who were at the venue felt comfortable using the event equipment they had provided.

As with all our events, proceeds will go to buy food for the holiday boxes this Christmas 2016. Thank you, all our holiday heroes, for believing in our cause and helping us see it through with this charity streetball tournament for companies!

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