The Holiday Heroes initiative touched the hearts of show players

Roro and Ivaila Bakalova entered the base of the Bulgarian TV show “The Mole” to introduce to the players the charity initiative of the Holiday Heroes Campaign.


This cause is unique for Bulgaria, because for the first time an initiative shows to the people how door-to-door charity is happening. The main idea of the campaign is to deliver food-stuffs for the positive holiday of people in need, who live in poverty.

The people which support Holiday Heroes are popular and famous ones, which personally deliver the food to the door of each family. Also wealthy business people decided to help the campaign, endowing money and food products.


Thousands of volunteers are being supportive through their priceless work and help for packing up the holiday packets.


The players in “The Mole” were sincerely touched by the cause and embraced the idea.


How exactly is going to happen this you could see tomorrow at 20h on TV7.

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