There are only winners in charity!

Imagine a volleyball field, now imagine the players as well. The ball’s flying above the net – from one side of the field to the other. In the end one team will leave pleasantly tired, but a bit sad as well – because it had lost the game. The other will be enjoying the victory. But…

Here comes the surprise. Behind the volleyball field, the teams, the victory, even the flying ball itself there might be a bigger cause. A one that turns competitors in friends. In this case there are no losers, but only winners, because both sides are united by a common mission – to help those in need.

And that’s something Holiday Heroes and our friends – socially responsible companies, celebrities and volunteers – have been doing for over four years now.

On July 18th we’re starting the preparations for Christmas 2015 with a charity tournament. With the help of 13 volleyball teams, led by Bulgarian volleyball stars we’re waiting for you in Sport Volley Mania, Bojurishte!

Here’s all you need to know:


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