Three Reasons You Should Go for Karting


First, let’s get this one thing straight: go-karts are mega fun, but also you get many extras you never even thought about.  And Holiday Heroes are itching to tell you what these are. Why? Because we have another Sport with a Missionevent coming up that is… a karting race.

So right on the topic, here’s three reasons that must make you a karting fan in a jiffy.

  1. You’ll Beef Up Your Driving Skills

Many claim miles run on the karting track make you a better driver on the ‘real’ road. Yes, karting is in fact serious stuff too, and there’s a knack in it you need to master. And racing will make your adrenaline levels skyrocket plus it’ll max out your senses.  The last one is particularly useful when on the road.

  1. It’s a Bargain!

Karting seems a freebie compared to the rest of car racing. There’s a mass of open-air and indoor tracks that work near 24/7. That makes karting a year-round activity, unlike many other car sports. If you decide you must have your own kart, you’ll have to part with about 3 500 bucks for a beginners’ model, which is pretty fair.

That’s why karting was the starting point for many Formula 1 champs; simply, it’s an affordable option to gain car racing experience.

  1. The Air and Friends

Let’s say you’re into car racing. You spend every minute and buck you can spare to quench your thirst for adrenaline and draw in your favorite smell of gasoline.  Now imagine a track teeming with the likes of you. Chances are slim you’d hit upon them in the street and know there’re your kind of people, but kart races are another story. You’ll get to meet a lot of new buddies, and why not even build some business ties?

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