The Top 10 Romantic Movies of All Times

Intoxicated by the spirit of the most romantic of months, there is no way we pass by this topic. We from Holiday Heroes are the greatest romantics around the globe, and we live to celebrate, especially when the occasion has to do with love. We admit we are easily moved by little red hearts, flower bouquettes, and classics on the eve of this heartfelt holiday.


If you think you belong to our fan club of love, surely you’d be more than happy to take a look back at some of the most romantic movies of all times. We suggest you pay them special attention particularly during this month, so that you kindle that exceptional flame in your heart and spread your emotion to everybody around you. These great stories must be watched on candlelight and underneath a warm blanket.

The NotebookMoviesTitanic

„The Notebook“ is a movie about the unquestionable power of love. The plot is based on Nicholas Starks’ bestselling novel, and unfolds in an unpredictable way. Some may see it as a great love story, others – as a terrible life tragedy. It’s up to you to decide which group you belong to.


„Pretty Woman“ is a brilliant romantic comedy reminiscing of the “rollercoaster” life back in the 90s. It is a modern Cinderella fairy tale, where the prince is played by Richard Gere, naturally ending happily for the protagonists and leaving the viewer with a lingering positive emotion.


„Тitanic“ – the movie which will never cease to turn us inside out. Petty struggles for power and success, a secret love and an enormous trial. The James Cameron classic is the perfect choice for a fascinating St. Valentine’s  day spent at home.

The BodyguardWhen Harry Met SallyGeisha

„Bodyguard“: the all-time legendary movie; the mind-blowing love story of a celebrity singer and her life-saver bodyguard who comes to her rescue. After all, we all need a savior and somebody to give our love to.


„When Harry Met Sally“ is a movie made nearly 25 years ago, which nevertheless seems much up to date. What is it that goes on between two soul mates who think they are friends, but are secretly craving a deeper relationship? We will tell you – there is something stopping them, and it’s fear. If you want to find out how they coped with it, watch the movie.


„The Memoirs of a Geisha“ is a slightly different love story. This romantic saga takes us to the mysterious realm of geishas and tells the life story of a grey-eyed beauty who becomes a most desirable temptation for men.  Can a woman with such a destiny allow herself to love somebody?

Bridget Jones's Diary A Walk To RememberYou've Got Mail

„Bridget Jones’ Diary“ – the rom-com which makes us weep happy tears. We strongly recommend you the story of the eccentric 30-year old Bridget, whose life is a series of both tragic and comic events. If you think love can be funny – this is the right movie for you.


„The Unforgettable“ reminds us that nothing comes by chance and fate has its ways. The most seemingly incompatible people can grow incredibly fond of each other, and this in turn makes life an actual thrill.


„You’ve Got Mail“ tells a story about the unexpеcted influence the Internet can have on our love life. Nowadays, when technology is an imminent part of our lives, 16 years after the movie was shot, the story still appears contemporary and we continue to recognize ourselves in the characters.

Love Actually

„Love Actually“,  with its various complicated storylines, sends out a clear message: all we need is love.

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