Union of Disabled People in Sofia Thanks the Holiday Heroes Initiative

Union of Disabled People in Sofia

Disabled Society “Sredetz – 2”, Sredetz region

#3                                                                                                         to Holiday Heroes

Sofia, 01.05.2013                                                                            Holiday Heroes



Dear gentlemen,


The member of the Union of Disabled People in the Sredetz region in the capital city are grateful for the aid we received from you.


Your kind gesture makes us feel that, even in these hard times, we are not forgotten and you have helped us without any concern.  Your attention means a lot to us, just like all other beautiful things made with as much love!


With warm gratitude,

Contact us: chairman – Prof. Dibenko Pavlov Georgiev

Sofia – 1142, L. Karavelov Str. 56

Phone: 987-44-47

Chairman signature and stamp

/prof. Dibenko Georgiev/

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