Volunteer’s Guide to the Galaxy

Volunteers are the heart and soul of not just the Holiday Heroes, but any other charitable cause. We’ve said it many times – dedicated volunteers are invaluable. They are the ones giving away their time, efforts, skills and energy to grow the good in the world we all share.

What Does It Mean to Volunteer?

Volunteering is contributing to the well-being of the community one belongs to or sympathizes with. Such contribution does not bring financial reward. Volunteer causes usually aim at resolving social or environmental issues or problems of human rights and animal welfare. Many companies and organizations today strive to make charity part of their corporate culture. On the other hand, volunteering should always come as be a result of personal choice.

How Can I Help?

Before you rush looking for a cause that resonates with you, search inside yourself to find what you can contribute. We know from experience every cause needs physical labor. In the case of the Holiday Heroes it means work in warehouse, packing and delivery of give-away boxes, organizational tasks for our sports tournaments and various other events − but that’s not all.
Do you have a knack for writing, can you have spot-on exchange by phone, are you an expert in Excel and Word or a genius in your special line of work? These are all skills which can be put to good use in 21st-century charitable causes. Decide what you’re best at and set it to work. If in doubt, you can always get advice and orientation from the people at the relevant organizations about where their most pressing needs for volunteers are. Don’t be afraid to try something new.

Volunteer, Not a Slave

Now is the time to clarify something you may consider irrelevant, though it’s very important. You are a volunteer, not just free labor for someone to exploit. You’re a human being, an employee, a person. You donate your skills. Your responsibilities are just as many as your rights. Respect your fellow travelers along the path of kindness, but do stand up for what you believe in. This is the only way for causes to advance and make this world a better place.

Which Cause Is Right for Me?
Before you go googling websites such as the European Youth Portal or TimeHeroes, which abound with worthy causes, make another introspection. Reflect on which causes appeal to you the most. If domestic violence matters more to you than mink farms, you now know where to start. Once you become self-aware, you will be more confident and useful to your future mission. And believe us, there are enough charitable initiatives now for at least several lifetimes of volunteering.

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