Volunteering Abroad—5 Critical Steps

It’s never too late to find your true purpose in life. If you volunteer abroad, you’re guaranteed to get valuable experience, meet new people, and tap into a universe of unique and diverse cultures. All these make volunteering worth your while. Here’s some steps that can help you get more insight into this.

  1. Are You Positive There’s Nothing in Your Own Country You Can Help Improve?

Yes, maybe you volunteered locally already. Yes, maybe it was a positive experience. Or not. Anyway, take a look first at familiar volunteering options near you, because who knows, maybe Holiday Heroes are just in the thick of one of their charity campaigns?

  1. Look into Yourself

Before you start googling for options, you’d better be sure what it is exactly that you want to do. You can and want to teach a language? You want to work in construction, you are a medical professional or an artist? Once you’ve made up your mind about it, you’ll have a much narrowed scope of options to consider.


  1. The World Wide Web Is Your Best Friend

Big charities’ websites, travelogue web portals, celebrity blogs or posts by people you know… Never rule out any source of information, but also make sure to search for more data about the people who are organizing the relevant charitable effort. Sometimes a simple post on Facebook or Twitter can save you hours searching on the Internet, especially if you have friends already “in the know” about such undertakings.

  1. Consider Your Input

The cause you’ve decided to go for may seem very significant and humane, but will the time you’re planning to spend on it do to make a real difference? Of course, other people can pick up where you left off once you’ve taken off on another mission, but you should definitely consider that time-result ratio.

  1. What’s in It for You?

Before you jump on that plane to, say, Malaysia, you have to be aware of what value those 2 months you’ll spend there will have for you. You have to consider whether it would be worth it to leave your job, empty your savings account, and leave your family behind.

Hmmm… it’s probably worth it. Why do we think so? Because one thing you can’t deny about doing good is it always does make a difference.

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