Water Is a Luxury


There are 7 billion people living on the Earth, which is twice more than in the middle of 20th century.


The constantly growing world population leads to an increasing number of problems for many people around the world. The lack of access to clean water is among the most serious ones. To make you familiar with this worldwide problem, we will provide you with some alarming water facts and statistics.


There are about 780 million people who lack access to clean water in the world. This is 2.5 times more than the people living in the United States.


Every 21seconds, a child dies because of water-related disease. The number of dying children per hour goes up to 171!


Every day, people in Africa and Asia have to walk about 3.7 miles (6 km) to collect clean water from water sources for their families.


Globally, women spend 200 million hours a day to get the water they need for their basic needs such as drinking, cooking and bathing!


And the most surprising fact for us was that more people on Earth have mobile phones than a toilet!



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