Why Do We Celebrate Our Love

There is hardly any other holiday as charged with emotions and expectations as St. Valentine’s Day. There is an overall spirit of euphoria and thrill, and the festive mood takes over most people as soon as early morning. It is a general truth that we humans like to talk and think about love, which makes February 14 one of the most eagerly anticipated days of the year.


But who needs a special day to show their love, and why does it have to be exactly in the midst of winter February? This holiday is the perfect challenge for all who lack imagination or courage, and need a specific occasion to dare express their love. Truth is, a day can become unforgettable only if you do something to make it special. However, we tend to put all our energy into our daily routines. And exactly because of this we need a special day to focus our attention to our loved one.


People realized this truth as early as the Middle Ages, when they linked the old Roman Catholic holiday honoring St. Valentine to romantic love. St. Valentine himself was one of the two Christian martyrs who lived in the 3rd century AD, and was revered as the patron of young people, travelers and the mentally ill. The information about his life, however, is quite contradictory, and there is a whole host of legends about saints named Valentine.


According to most religious books St. Valentine died a martyr’s death in Rome on February 14. He was proclaimed patron of lovers, because he blessed couples entering into matrimony in times when the Roman emperor had forbidden his soldiers to start families. Because of this disobedience, Valentine was convicted and sentenced to death.

People began celebrating St. Valentine’s Day quite later on in time, and the tradition went on to expand. The 14th century AD marked the beginning of a tradition where couples in love would exchange love letters known as ‘valentines’ as a token of their passion. In the 19th century AD these became ready-made greeting cards, which one could buy virtually anywhere, while in the second half of the 20th century AD romantic souls broadened their horizons and started exchanging other gifts as well. Roses, chocolate, sparkling jewelry, ‘adult toys’ – the list is endless, and the image of Cupid, the god of love, is everywhere. As if to lure everybody under the spell of the most thrilling of all feelings.


The happy day is just around the corner, so we advise you to rethink its symbolism. Be grateful for the love you have in your life and make sure you let your beloved know this. Forget your ego, step out of your comfort zone and let yourself go. We promise you an unforgettable experience!

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