Why Do We Kiss?

We believe in love. It’s the reason for our waking up with a smile on the face and our falling asleep feeling satisfied. But how do we express our feelings? With meaningful gestures, beautiful words and passionate kisses. The latter is what we will discuss. Why do we kiss and is there any logical explanation for this intimate act?


There are many theories trying to explain kissing. One of the most popular and, according to us, the most logical explanation is that people are getting so close to each other to find if they may become potential partners in reproduction. It’s all about the pheromones – the chemicals that people release and which give information about someone’s biological makeup.


Other people believein the theory that kissing was in the Antiquity a way for mothers to feed their infants. We could only wonder if this is a true fact.


Another widespread theory is that kissing is nothing more than an animal (hence also a human) instinct. For example, the bonobo apes often kiss on the lips after a fight or even without an exact reason.


Scientists may not agree on the main reason for people’s kissing but there’s something true for sure – it’s a very pleasant thing to do. Our lips and tongues have thousands of sensitive nerve endings that affect the whole experience and make it so pleasurable.


We wish you many more kisses in your everyday life because this is one of the most exciting ways to give and express love in action!


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