Words Are Great, but Deeds Are Greater

Or, Do We Have to Carry an Official “Volunteer” Label to Help Each Other?’

Hundreds, even thousands of NGOs and socially responsible companies around the world relentlessly advocate for volunteering, as well as the need and benefits of dedicating time, efforts, and resources to a higher purpose (than making money). And employers often prefer to hire someone who’s been part of initiatives for the public good.

The world’s been talking about volunteering for as long as 260 years now. That’s right, all kinds of sources we’ve been able to get hold of refer to organized pro bono labor as one that was offered to people in military service as early as about the year 1755. Somewhere around the 19th century though, organizations such as the Salvation Army and the YMCA introduced volunteering as a concept closest to what we know today.

Lately, volunteering’s been getting ever more conceptual, even political. It’s taken a broader social stance to the extent that it’s become equal to a finger waved at the government. Symbolically and beyond, it’s now a reminder about placing power back in the hands of the regular citizen. This is especially true when we think about Bulgaria.

volunteer group hands together

If we give it a little more thought, words like ‘charity’, ‘cause’, ‘mission’, and ‘volunteering’ are just the glitter of something each and every one of us has been devoted to at some point in their lives; something most of us continue to do day by day. So search for your worthy cause, find the right people to help you so you can bring positive change in the lives of all those who need it.

The rest is simply words. Deeds are what really matters!


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