The Worst Place to be a Mother

Have you ever wondered which is the worst place on Earth to be a mother? The latest report of the British organization “Save the Children” shows the locations where mothers and children face the greatest hardships. And according to the survey, on which the report is based on, Somalia is the worst place to give birth or be a child.


The report evaluates the living conditions in 178 countries around the world for 2014. Health care, economics, education, and female status are among the used indices.


Apparently, Somalia is one of the hardest places to live and be a mother. Children there have unhappy childhood. They live in extreme poverty with their families because of the consequences of the long standing civil war. Malnourished, dehydrated and exhausted are up to 50% of Somalian mothers.


There’s a huge need of adequate health care system, clean water, high-energy food and other basic necessities, allowing mothers to take proper care of their newborn babies.

Somalia Cooking

Some other countries with very bad living conditions for mothers are Congo, Niger, Mali, Guinea-Bissau, and Central African Republic.


Then where do mothers and babies fare best? Finland ranks first among all the 178 countries. Norway, Sweden, Iceland and the Netherlands are also among the leaders in in the report.

Find the whole survey here. 

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