You Don’t Have to Be a Grown-Up to Help: Kids and Teachers Make Martenitsi by the Hundreds for the Easter Campaign

Teachers and principals of two schools and a kindergarten in Sofia proved they care about people in need and make every effort to bring up children as philanthropists who value the common good. And they do that by encouraging kids to take part in charity projects. This time they set up creative workshops to craft and donate martenitsi for Holiday Heroes’ You Don’t Have to Be a Grown-Up to Help drive. All proceeds will go to buy food for thousands of disadvantaged families this Easter, so they can have everything they need for a happy holiday.

Who are our little heroes? Students from grade 3d at Stoyan Zaimov 112th primary school, whose martenitsi were handmade with the invaluable help of their school principal Mr. Kostov and their teacher Ms. Tanya Pancheva. Special guest was Bulgaria’s top volleyball player Evgeni Ivanov. Also, four classes of first and second graders from Sofia’s 8th Vasil Levski school whose principal is Ms. Milena Anachkova.

The first graders were helped by their teachers Ms. Elena Petrova, Ms. Miglena Tokmanova, Ms. Maria Dimitrova and Ms. Dimitrichka Yanakieva. And finally, the youngest holiday heroes—the kids from group “Tiger” at the Skylark nursery school, under the careful instruction of their teacher Ms. Toni Dimitrova.

Charming celebrity Zlatka Dimitrova was also in the ranks of the holiday heroes in this campaign, and it’s not the first time she helped. She donated to our cause dozens of martenitsi from across Bulgaria.

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