Leo Bianchi Supports Holiday Heroes with 4-chetta Bracelets

The renowned master chef is one of the most devoted holiday heroes. Recently he officially announced that the stellar football squad, the Heart Team, will play charity games for our cause, and for Christmas 2015 he organized a week-long campaign in his Leo’s Pizza during which he donated 1 lev for each ordered pizza.

Leo is now an exclusive representative of the Italian stylish hit—the 4-chetta bracelets. As official importer, the charming Italian donates part of the revenues from each bracelet sold. 4 leva of each purchased 4-chetta go directly to support the National Centre for Rare Diseases in Rome, and 2 leva are donated to the Holiday Heroes’ cause.

The unique unisex accessories are shaped as a curved around the arm fork made in different varieties. The idea for these bracelets occurred to the Italian fashion designer Luca Paolorossi of Ancona, who has been designing since his early age with his innate sense of elegance and innovation. The family tailoring tradition has passed down from generation to generation, and the garments he creates fully meet the requirements of the Italian elite. Logically, after the clothes come the decorations and thus appeared the 4-chetta bracelet. “When inventing the 4-chetta, I thought of an accessory that represents the quintessence of culture, pride, and Italian lifestyle”, explains Luca Paolorossi. The bracelet symbolizes festivity and pleasure of delicious and genuine food, presenting the fundamental values of Italian culture. 4-chetta is distributed only in the best restaurants and in several top jewelries in the world. Quite naturally that the bracelet has reached Leo’s restaurants.

How can you get your 4-chetta?
There are two ways to get hold of this boutique piece of jewelry:

  • Go to the Facebook page of 4-chetta Bulgaria, where you can send a message requesting a specific item. Leo will respond to you in person.
  • to Leo’s Pizza ‘Il Rustico’ restaurant at Sofia, Dragalevtsi residential district, 58, Nartsis Str.
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